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Fergalicious Wilma rRGJFba8p
Fergalicious Wilma

We will show that the regular pattern of rounded hexagons in the honeybee comb is a result of the progressive fusion of the circular walls induced by the flow of the visco-elastic molten wax near the triple junction. We consider two scenarios. In the first scenario, we assume that the flow is constrained by the visco-elastic unmolten wax away from the triple junction. In the second, we allow for the possibility that the entire cell wall is heated such that flow of the visco-elastic molten wax near the triple junction is unconstrained. Our calculations will therefore partially or fully confirm the experimental observations on molten waxes reported by Pirk et al . [ 1 ] and the mechanism proposed by them depending on which of these two scenarios is the most probable one. This can be verified only by actual measurement of the time of evolution from the circular to the rounded hexagonal shape of the cells.

We note en passant that the internal cell diameter decreases with the age of the comb as a result of the thickening of the walls [ Cole Haan Grant Canoe Camp Driving Moccasin Wide Width Available C2RMf5kN
]. This may explain why the age of honeycombs affects the honeybee growth and brood survivorship [ Donald J Pliner Bowery xvbm1BvZ3
]. The hot nurse bees have been observed by infrared cameras placed inside the brood nest, but as mentioned above there is no evidence that the bees that heat the freshly built cells are the same as the hot nurse bees. A video of the hot nurse bees in action is available at http://www.hobos.de/de/lehrer-schueler-eltern/ueber-hobos/impressionen/winterbiene.html .

From a purely mechanics point of view, Zhang et al . [ Badgley Mischka Yadira twZ4ydbNJl
] have shown that the structural patterns of simple periodic cellular structures at all scales (for example, a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) bundle and a millimetre-size plastic straw bundle) can transform dramatically under external stimuli. Under gradual hydrostatic straining, the circular cross-section of the nanotubes in the bundle gradually changed into a rounded hexagon when the strain reached 6%. They proved that this was a result of the minimization of the inter-tube van der Waals interaction energy. The closed-packed circular plastic straw bundle transformed into a hexagonal pattern on heating by conduction until the melting point of the plastic as a result of the minimization of the surface energy which required that the curved walls fuse together, increasing the contact area and becoming planar.

In this short paper, it is shown that, exactly as in the closed-packed plastic straw bundle heated by conduction until the melting point of the plastic, the regular pattern of rounded hexagons in the honeybee comb is a result of the progressive fusion of the circular walls induced by the flow of the visco-elastic molten wax near the triple junction.

Consider the closed-packed array of circular fresh honeycomb cells at ‘birth’ ( figure 1 a ). The individual worker bees that characteristically work side-by-side in adjacent and opposite circular tubes [ Via Spiga Evangeline S8UbFHcS
] build the circular cells. The specialist ‘hot’ workers knead and heat the wax flakes near the triple junctions until they flow visco-elastically at about 45°C. In this manner, a viscous liquid (or a semi-solid) bridge with a concave meniscus is formed at the triple junctions between the neighbouring circular cells ( Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Crinkled Patent Sneaker Womens DsdoS
a ). As a result of the surface tension of this bridge, a negative pressure is created in the junction, which in turn leads to a tensile state of stress in the cell walls ( figure 2 b ). The walls are thus continuously stretched during this process. The adjoining walls progressively fuse together increasing the contact area between them and straightening. In theory, this process can continue until the entire curved walls become planar minimizing the surface energy and thus creating an array of hexagonal cells with sharp corners. But as will be proved below, that would take an infinitely long time. In practice, therefore, an array of hexagonal cells with rounded corners will be formed in a limited time.

How Can People Believe All Life Evolved by Chance?
Jan. 1, 2018 from Magazine

Why do so many intelligent people find the idea of molecules-to-man evolution compelling, while others consider it outrageously improbable?

The New Origin of Species
Dec. 27, 2017 from Magazine

A Harvard-trained geneticist shows how new findings have shattered Darwin’s best guesses about the origin of species.

“Only the Uneducated Reject Evolution.”
Nov. 8, 2017 from Lacoste Explorateur Sport 217 1 yAEfHOWG

Those who believe that only the uneducated reject evolution perhaps do not realize that evolution, far from fact, does not even qualify as a theory.

Funding Darwin in the Church
May 1, 2017 from Magazine

If you think evolution is unrelated to church work, some very rich people disagree . They’re spending millions to make the church an evolution-friendly place.

How Domestic Cats Differ from Wildcats and Other Carnivores
Nov. 20, 2014 from Answers in Depth

Did your cat evolve to like you?

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In Spanish, there are two verbs that express the idea “to know.” These two verbs are “saber” and “conocer.” The verb you choose depends upon the context in which it is used. These verbs are not interchangeable.

To express knowledge or ignorance of a fact or information about something, use “saber.”

To say that one is or is not acquainted with a person, a place, or an object, use conocer.

To express knowledge or ignorance of a subject or learning discipline, use saber or conocer, depending upon the context.

To express knowledge or ignorance of a skill, or how to do something, use saber + infinitive.

To say that you know something by heart, use saber.

The situation with regards to the correct use of saber and conocer can be summarized as follows:

The same sort of situation exists with respect to the two Spanish verbs pedir and preguntar . They both mean “to ask” but they are not interchangeable. Fortunately, the rules for using them are a bit more straightforward:

pedir to ask for, or request an object, service or favor

preguntar to ask a question, or request information

Your verb flashcards should be your constant companions. You should always have them with you, and you should pull them out several times each day, even if you only look at them for a couple of minutes. Now, let’s add these two verbs to our growing stack:

Verb Flashcards Complete List

Juan sabe donde está María. Juan knows where Maria is.

Juan sabe donde está María.

Yo no tu número de teléfono. I don’t know your telephone number.

Yo no tu número de teléfono.

Yo no conozco a María. I don’t know (am not acquainted with) Maria.

Yo no conozco a María.

Alberto y Alfredo conocen Madrid. Alberto and Alfredo know (are acquainted with) Madrid.

Alberto y Alfredo conocen Madrid.

Juan no sabe nada de inglés. Juan doesn’t know any English.

Juan no sabe nada de inglés.

Él sabe matemáticas. He knows mathematics.

Él sabe matemáticas.

Juan conoce la literatura española. Juan is familiar with Spanish literature.

Juan conoce la literatura española.

María sabe conducir . Maria knows how to drive.

FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: OPTIONAL GARMENTS


Through complex rhythms, vivid stories, and rich history, students develop dance fundamentals while exploring the artistry of Afro-Cuban traditions. Drawing from both contemporary and Afro-Cuban dance practices, this class develops core dance principles such as balance and coordination while introducing students to intricate rhythms and vibrant expressivity. Afro-Cuban will help prepare students for ongoing studies in a wide range of dance forms, from contemporary to other African-based styles.


Students are introduced to a ballet curriculum that enables them to develop a holistic understanding and mastery of technical skills in a disciplined yet nurturing environment. The program emphasizes clarity of line, execution and precision, dynamic movement, musicality, and artistic expression. Our curriculum draws from the internationally renowned Cuban methodology, which emphasizes plasticity and virtuosity to create proficient and powerful dancers.


Spanish Dance forms have been the backbone of the School of Dance since its founding in the early 1970’s. Our curriculum covers not only flamenco, but Spanish folk dances, danza estilizada, and escuela bolera, studying the roots and history of the forms alongside the technique and artistry.
As hip-hop developed in New York City many of its founding creators were young Latino(a) men and women. With its strong connection to African movement, hip-hop is linked to the explosive era of the 1970s and our community’s need to be heard. Explore the distinctive styles and history of hip-hop! Students focus on various styles: locking, popping, house, breaking, and freestyle.


The fundamentals of jazz technique build strong body alignment and emphasize muscle awareness through form, shape, style, and flexibility. Each of our three levels increase in complexity and helps develop the student’s musicality and retention skills as they perform jazz combinations and learn the artistry of theatrical repertory.


Designed to teach students the history and social etiquette of Latin dances, these classes sharpen skills in dance position, frame, footwork, body actions, arm styling, floor craft, and partnering. Classes increase in complexity throughout the year.


Students will learn tap fundamentals as they develop footwork precision, movement coordination, balance, and rhythmic accuracy. Emphasis is given to developing the student’s artistry and improvisation skills in this form.

FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: FEMALES: Ladies’ hair must be pulled back away from face and off of neck. Ponytails are acceptable. Short hair must be secured away from face. MALES: OPTIONAL GARMENTS

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Dolce Vita Hamond k1HjhPt

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